Recruiter Bots

Robot 2

AI is taking over!

We live in an age of technology where the question is never if but when. We’ve seen the dot-com bubble erupt and lead to creating social media platforms and web services. We’ve seen Apple nearly go bankrupt only to make a comeback and be considered one of the most innovative tech companies in the world. Anything is possible!

Technology has influenced the way that we live our every day lives. We have entire ecosystems that are built around the web. Even Facebook and Google have become so integrated into society that they are no longer just proper nouns but verbs.

The way that we attract talent to join an organization has even changed. It has become far more intricate than simply having a successful company with a strong brand to get highly technical people to join your team. So when it comes to recruiting, naturally it’ll only be a matter of time until big data and AI take over and many tasks become automated. This shift will be what separates the highly skilled recruiters from highly paid admins.

There is far more to recruiting than dealing with awful tools that (still) aren’t quite intuitive enough to make the hiring process run smooth. Honing in on those skills is what will be key as we incorporate more technology into the recruiting world. Recruiters are often know to be extreme extroverts (of course, there’s always exceptions to the rule) but also fantastic marketing and sales people. We use those skills on a daily basis to communicate with our clients and candidates. We are also great match makers!

As conflicting as it may sound, it’s inevitable that AI will bring recruiting back to a personal experience. It will give time back to recruiters that is spent on low value tasks. Recruiters will have more time to spend building relationships which will result a better candidate experience. When recruiters are able to take the time to listen, understand, build strong relationships with both clients and candidates, there’s no doubt there will be more offers, offer accepts and could even correlate to increased retention rates. Talk about connecting the dots!

So bring it on AI, we’re ready for you!

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